Naive Handshakes EP

by White Crosses

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released May 1, 2015



all rights reserved


White Crosses Warsaw, Poland

Formed in summer 2014 in Warsaw Poland. Released first “Naive Handshakes EP” in spring 2015. All of them origin from Polish HC/Punk DIY scene, played in a few bands before. As White Crosses they keep playing gigs in Poland promote their new release “Anchorless EP”. Their music is honest, straight forward with that Post HC foundation. Catchy riffs create a great sonic space for touching vocals. ... more

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Track Name: Old Man's Dinner
I’ve got a lot of things to say, but no one here to talk to
My tired eyes will see no more, the revolutions have been gone
These houses all around I built with my own hands
I would build a thousand more if only God would give me chance
Time is not my friend, it slips through my fingers
Still wakes me in the night and reminds me of the truth
That skin on my hands are getting harder than my heart
There’s no better place on earth my friend
To raise your kids these days
Than a shithole where mother gave me birth
And I escaped when I was twelve
Long enough I ask myself how can I ease the pain inside
Water flows, but keeps me under and it won’t let me even try to turn back
Track Name: My Word vs Your World
Let me go my work is done you always break my moral spine
Word against the word and I lose integrity
A bitter sound of rusty strings and a noisy drums into my broken ears
So will you shut your mouth cause this is all I wanna hear
I light the fire with no excuse the goal is clear with ready fuels
I won’t spend my life being afraid of my own thoughts
I won’t waste the chance from above I’ll keep it close with the chords I love
I don’t wanna glory I just need a peace of mind
I feel it in my bones now, it radiates my eyes and shutting down
The ghost I have in me, so angels let me in
(please, angels let me in)
When I’ll be forgotten will there be a sympathy
Photographs in pile of boxes or my voice in the longing dreams
I know I had my lifetime in this worldly poverty,
but curiosty is killing me ironically.
Track Name: Wretched
I will drink myself to sleep I’m sick of waiting here alone
The room is getting smaller for the dreams, they always come
I’m falling in the ocean, I don’t know why I blame myself
Your repeated voices will bring me to the hell
I remember when you were here
You were lighting up my empty soul
A tiny spark in endless black hole
That’s why I need you more
I’ll be chasing all the streetlights and looking for your face
My bitter heart will lead me in
Want you take my hand an let me feel again?
Your bitter heart will stay the same
Oh, I should have known better.
Track Name: Naive Handshakes
What is left for me?
My will is not enough to live
It takes away more than give
And it’s grieving over me
You let me believe
You always care about everything I love
But now you throw it all away like a heartless stones
Wake me up from these poison dreams
Wash away my mortal sins, I’m coming undone
This city drags me down
No one speaks a word of truth
It’s keeping me away from you
I thought I was a worthy man
Just like everyone I got some secrets
About the fighting with the devil in my head
I’m not begging for devotion
Candles burning through the windows
In the middle of the nightfall
Silhouettes are getting clearer
Now I see them, they’re painted on my eyes
And every single day is a reflection of the past
Will you save me, my daylight symphony?
When it’s all gone will you be ready to give me a company?
Track Name: Circles
Tell me I’m a good man, I suffer from my resolution
Step by step I’m getting closer to the highest of the mountains
Tell me I’m a brave man, I wish I heard your distant voice
Push me in the right direction and I will go alone
Tell me I’m a liar and lie to me with no regrets
I choose the path I fear the most and I would do it all again
Tell me I’m a good man and I’ll be forever after
Going in the circles where stories never end
And when you’re gonna flash before my eyes I’ll be ready
We’re all trapped in circles
When you’re gonna flash before my eyes
Will I?
Could I Be ready?